Mommin’ + Kids

I always said I NEVER wanted kids… until I met a great guy, and I changed my mind very quickly after! We had been together for few years, we weren’t in any rush for kids, but we also knew that if a child came into the picture we would be more than happy. We let nature take it’s course and if it happened, it happened. Well, it happened! Unfortunately like many, we had a miscarriage at just 6 weeks pregnant. To our surprise, 3 weeks after that miscarriage I was pregnant again! We had our sweet baby boy Jaxon.

If there is one things I can say about being a mom, it’s that it is EXHAUSTING, but also the most rewarding thing that will ever happen to you. You truly don’t know love until you have a child. It sounds so cliche and people say it all the time, but it really is true!

In this section of my website you will find advice based on things I have learnt, and the no-nonsense truth about being a mom!

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