Well, this is where I guess I tell you about myself…
I am Nicole, a 27 year old…Mompreneur. Wow, it still feels weird to call myself a mom.

I live in Beautiful B.C! I am a huge lover of the outdoors, and wilderness. Minus the bugs and the bears of course.

I try my best to be green/crunchy, and also cheap, they somewhat go hand in hand.

I see myself as the fatest girl in the room, no matter my weight. I have been on a diet/fitness journey for my whole adult life.

I started working in a video store, and worked my way up to a great career doing something I didn’t love. A career I plan to abandon now that I don’t have the heart to leave my son at home while I am at work (how could he possibly survive without me). I have started a small business that is doing great, and having other gigs on the side! All of which I will tell you all about, maybe I will even inspire some women to become girl bosses themselves!